Max Patrick

Max Patrick
Nickname- Max
England Appearances- 40+
We’ve had some very talented drummers in the band over the years, but Max is quite simply the best, so talented, and so passionate, Max for me is drumming genius.
 Max went to live in Milan after the 2002 World Cup , where he got a job as a music teacher, both him and Mandy (his wife) settled very quickly into the Italian way of life and are still living in Milan with there two children Benny & Sammy.
Max is now teaching for his day job, writing and performing music, and has the best part time job ever; he’s the onsite commentator for the global distribution of Serie “A” games, mainly AC & Inter Milan!!
I’ll never forget Max’s wonderful snare drumming that introduced the Great Escape in Rome’97, what a special night, made even more special by great drumming from Max.



(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)