Welcome to the new England Supporters Band website!

Welcome to the England Supporters Band homepage.

After following England across Poland and the Ukraine, the Band are now preparing for the long journey home. You can still follow us and re-live the highs, lows and other weird bits using the links above.


About us:

The England Band play in support of the England football team at home and away and have done since 1996. Formed in 1993 at their club, Sheffield Wednesday, they were selected to play for England three years later and have followed the national team at home and away ever since.

The incredible journey the band has taken includes visiting more than 65 different countries, several World Cup and European tournaments and all the classic England games of recent times.  

Driven by the passion and pride that all England fans feel, the England Band have an overwhelming desire, together with the fans, to create the best support in the world.   


Other sports

Inevitably other sports have noticed what can be achieved when the band generate a fantastic atmosphere and have recruited the band for their events. These include: England and Club Rugby Union, Rugby 7’s, GB, England and Club Rugby League, England Men’s and Women’s Hockey including Olympics, World Title Boxing, GB Volleyball, Athletics.

Media interest

The attention of the media is never far away. National and International TV stations, radio and newspapers continually cover the bands’ activities.         



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