Chris Hancock

Euphonium, Nickname - "Hanky", 2001 - Present, England Appearances- 75+

Hanky, what can I say??
He came to audition at the Sheffield Wednesday open day, he brought all his family along, little ginger kid from “Rovram” (Rotherham to those not from “Rovrum”), he’d played in the local Salvation Army and his dream was to play with the Sheffield Wednesday Kop band!!!
I guess he would have been about 14 when he joined us, and we’ve seen him “grow” into a young man.
Hanky takes a great picture which is fortunate because he’s not so good with the spoken word!!
He’s got a great family around him who are very proud of their little star!
Hanky had not been out of South Yorkshire before he joined the band he’s now been across the globe stretching from Japan to Las Vegas!!
He’s matured into a great lad, with a blossoming sense of humour, a massive Sheffield Wednesday fan, who also enjoys the odd game of rugby!
 We are so proud of Hanky and treat him as a family member, we literary would do anything for him; he is a top man....who we all “love” dearly!!
He’s not a lover of “good” food; and much prefers fast food in particular one major brand!!
 He always finishes his meals with a bag of F*****ing Hot Monster Munch!! (Don’t deny it you all do it!!)
He is a legend in the band for his insane “one liners” completely unaware he’s even said half of them!
Were hoping that one day he’ll find someone “special” and settle down.... What a wedding that would be!!
It might happen by the time he’s 40!! (15 years to go then) -now that would make a good film! simply Hanky to us!


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)