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We are currently looking for expressions of interest in sponsoring the band. Contact John at the address above.

A special recognition goes to Pukka Pies who were our sponsors for many years.

The band have worked with many top brands over the years and continue to appear on TV, radio and newspapers regularly. From TV adverts to live appearances the band always leave a lasting impression wherever they are.

Such names as Coca Cola, Halifax, Pepsi, Tic Tac, Bet Fred, Worthington, Fosters, Ford, VW and Nivea have taken advantage of the band’s popularity in advertising campaigns. The band are regularly seen on BBC,ITV and Sky television in addition to numerous other channels throughout the world. All radio stations and national newspapers cover the band’s activities especially at tournament times.  


The band are available to book for anything. Previous activities include many TV shows, Soccer AM, This is Your Life, They Think It’s All Over, Jonathan Ross Show, BBC Breakfast, TFi Friday, Friday Night is Alright and many more. We have also played at weddings and even funerals.  




John Hemmingham
After-dinner Speaking

John Hemmingham, Managing Director.
Interesting and amusing tales of 'people & places' on the journey of the England Band

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